Right, I think you need to put a warning on the snap bars that they will ruin all other wax melts and candles for you because they are SO GOOD!

I've burned ONE square of Cookie over the last few days, re-melted three times and it burned for about 10 hours total and it's only just needed a change. It never lost it's strength the whole time.
I've just put Dark Opium in to melt and the smell is just INCREDIBLE! It fills my entire living room and hallway and it's outdone any other perfume melt I've had.

I think it might be time to try a whipped soap 

So happy with my box of goodies, the packaging is nice with little treats inside too could even smell how nice the products were before even opening the box! Have burnt the cherry bakewell melt already and it smells amazing and strong can smell it through all the flat too, I have also used my bath fizz which made my Bath smell lovely, and the snow fairy whipped soap which made my skin smell so nice and feel so soft afterwords, can’t wait to use the rest of my melts will defiantly be getting more Thankyou and would defiantly recommend xx

Absolutely amazing! So far I’ve tried the lime & vanilla I’m on my 4th burn which is about 12 hours burn time and still smells as strong as the first time!
The blue lenor, my room smelt amazing just like I’d hung fresh washing in there! 
Banana! Well I don’t actually like bananas but it smelt amazing, a very sweet banana scent!
I also have the bubblegum room spray which I’ve only sprayed in the bathroom once! On the bath mat and the towel that are hung up and I can still smell it when I got in and that was two day’s ago!!
Amazing can’t wait to try more!

I received a few scrubs from Scent With love and they are absolutely lush! They were the bubblegum salt scrub, the coffee salt scrub, and the angel salt scrub. After using them in my bubble bath, they left my skin feeling exfoliated and smooth and smelling amazing! Not even lying I can’t remember the last time a body scrub did so well! Would 10/10 recommend! I’m already on my next lot of scrubs and soaps and I can’t wait to try them out! in love!! Easily affordable, and well worth it! Deffo worth a try! Thank you!!